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Sculptors James and Ryan Pedersen are a father/son collaborative team who create welded constructions in relief and free standing form.  The combinations of steel, brass, and copper are used in most designs.


The earthy colors and textures are achieved through welding, cutting, grinding and heat-treating these materials.


The finished artwork illustrates an artistic combination of these elements with a stylized subject that is related to various interpretations of the landscape.



james pedersen

-  James Pedersen received his MFA from the University of Minnesota. He had a successful career teaching Art for over 35 years. He has been producing artwork since 1969 Working primarily in mild steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and glass to abstractly represent landscapes that add playful splashes of color texture and contrast to suit the subject and design.



 - Ryan Pedersen studied Fine Art and Landscape Architecture at Iowa State University and completed his Art degree from Minnesota State, Mankato and MED through the University of St. Marys.   

Originally he worked as a helpful hand in his father’s studio, learning the process and developing a passion for creating more modern sculptures utilizing stainless steel, Corten steel and glass elements to pair with their traditional materials.  Over the years working together the relationship and sculptures have naturally developed into a productive partnership of more than 30 years.  Today the collaboration continues to provide new opportunities, ideas and designs.

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